Jan 18, 2011

A Winter Scene

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It was a drab, dreary,

beautiful Winter scene,

as chilling fingers of ice

slowly crept over the

edges of the roof,

stretching their icy

tentacles to clutch the

powdery puffs of

wind blown snow.

The one rusty hinge

on the old shed door,

creaked and moaned

its freezing protest

against being disturbed.

The Winter sun stabbed

feebly through the

low gray clouds,

giving brief, errant

caresses to the lone 

pine standing forlornly

by the rattling shed.

Freezing footprints led

hesitantly up to

the swaying door,

then slowly drew away.

The deep green of

the stalwart pine lent

a feeble ray of life to

the loneliness of

this Winter scene.

A lone rabbit hunched

half frozen behind

the protection of

a wraith like bush,

clinging ghost like to

the frozen earth,

preferring its

slight safety to

that of the rattling,

groaning, shed.

The bone chilling

crazy yammering

of a coyote,

wafting along the

freezing wind,

only enhances the

utter forlornness of

this bleak scene.

Winter is cruel for all

unfortunate souls who

dare defy her laws.

The high pitched

eerie scream of an

eagle enhanced the

powers of nature,

as it swooped down

on powerful wings,

grabbing the half frozen

rabbit in its talons.

The chilling death

screams of the rabbit

as it was borne away,

added the final touch

to nature's raw,

cold Winter scene.

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