Nov 9, 2009

Hello Dear How Are You

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Hello Dear, how are you.
I just thought i would say
how much i really love you.
I love the way you laugh
like a glimmer of sunshine.
You speak like a beam of soft daylight.
My heart and my soul go out to you.
The sight of you makes
my dreams come true.

You just keep on trying,
you never give up.
Still you are crying,
you feel too much love.

So hi love, how are things, are you alright.
Come here and hug me, hold me tight.
Smile and show me a glimpse of love.
Do the things to me that makes it ok.
Brighten my love for now, for today.

You just keep on loving,
through thick and thin.
You just keep on caring,
and you will always win.

Goodnight sweet, sleep gently,
rest your pretty head,
as you lie sleeping with
moonbeams in bed.
You always look through
me with eyes so true.
You never have told me
anything but truth.
No wonder i love you
and it's so right,
because you've been my
friend in so many lives.

I just keep on living,
and breathing the air.
I just keep on smiling,
knowing you care.

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  1. Don't know if this was written to a child or a grown-up, but it's a wonderful way to feel.

  2. such a wonderful feeling expressed with such beautiful words

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  4. very nice and romantic great sentiment also :))


  6. Yes just keep smiling. Never to forget.

  7. Hi, I came here through with keyword-how are you :)