Nov 26, 2010

The Evolution Of Consciousness

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There has been an evolution of consciousness going on for some time, but humanity is indeed facing challenging times. There is absolutely no denying the fact of this. It is all around us. Wars, terrorism, famine, disease, corruption, homelessness, the end of the central banking pyramid scheme currently manifesting itself as the global financial crisis. Climate change, the media tries to teach us is not man-made, despite a wealth of scientific evidence to the contrary, and there are many other things besides. Even in this film it mentions some of the challenges we are facing from the very governments and police forces we have employed to protect us, and who, through the use of a controlled media have slowly worked to convince the people that they are our rulers when they are in fact our servants.

Yet despite all the problems we face, any investigation reveals that all of these issues have a common cause and that this cause can very easily be addressed. All that is needed to do so is public awareness of the real situation humanity is facing. In fact, when one puts away the fear, stands back and looks deep enough, it can be seen that all these challenges actually present mankind with a most wonderful opportunity, perhaps the greatest we have ever had offered to us. Indeed such challenges as those that we currently face may even be seen as something of a blessing for were it not for the challenges the opportunity we now have would never have presented itself to us. And it truly is being handed to us on a silver platter.

What we are being provided with is an opportunity to embrace the power we all have; the choice to step away from the fear and to unite the human family. An opportunity for the human race to understand the connection we have to each other and to embrace a unity of consciousness. Certainly, it is extremely important that we free ourselves from the corporate shackles of this society; it is important that the social and political issues, the fake wars of contrivance, the loss of rights, and the attitude of our corrupt governments and police forces be dealt with, but what is even more important is that they be dealt with in the right way. That way is not through violence and revolution. It is not through a center of anger and hatred. The powers that be want violent revolution, they want the polarized energy such conflagrations produce but this must not be done for the most effective way to deal with it all is through a peaceful rebellion of non compliance to the system and through adherence to the one law. To connect to the heart and to do the right thing.

Nov 20, 2010

The Zeitgeist Movement

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The Zeitgeist Movement (TZM) is a worldwide grassroots organization that serves as the communication and activist arm of The Venus Project, founded by industrial designer and social engineer Jacque Fresco. It describes itself as a "sustainability advocacy organization" and is focused on raising awareness for a global social change, by transitioning society from a Monetary-Based Economy to a new, sustainable social design called a "Resource-Based Economy". The Zeitgeist Movement was inspired by the social response to Peter Joseph's films Zeitgeist: The Movie and Zeitgeist: Addendum. However, it was Zeitgeist Addendum which first introduced The Venus Project. The Zeitgeist Movement's website states that a distinction is to be made between the work of The Movement and the issues raised in Peter Joseph's films in that The Movement is not necessarily in advocacy of any views demonstrated in the films and exists on its own.

Concepts advocated by the Zeitgeist Movement:
* The main concept advocated by the Zeitgeist Movement is that all the World's resources should be the common heritage of all the World's people.
* Resource based economy: The Zeitgeist Movement recognizes that money creates established institutions that are forced to protect themselves, which inhibits progress. Therefore, they contend, the fractional reserve system, usury/interest, and credit are all functions of a flawed system that creates debt -- leading to the need for employment for the purpose of paying off debts. A process known as 'cyclical consumption'.
* Automation: The Zeitgeist Movement propose that automation is more productive than human labor and frees mankind from repetitive and tedious tasks.
* Artificial intelligence: The Zeitgeist Movement proposes a concept known as 'Social Cybernation' which involves the allocation of decision-making to machines. Modern societies are highly complex and are currently managed by the bureaucracy, which suffer all kinds of limitations owing to lack of co-ordination, human inefficiency, etc. This form of management and decision-making can be done far more efficiently using cybernetic technology and already many industries manage their resources using cybernetics and Artificial Intelligence. Machines also do not suffer biases and are much better placed to take objective decisions than human beings. Machines would also be needed to store and retrieve information because humans have a limited capacity for memory.
* Technological unification of the globe: The Zeitgeist Movement believes that globally shared technology is required to monitor planetary resources in real time, and theoretically make the most efficient use of them in solving planetary problems.
* Scientific methodology: The Zeitgeist Movement claim that planetary government should be obligated to methodology, rather than being based on opinions. This could possibly cause governing decisions that are arrived at through scientific method, not belief.
* No private property: One of the major stances of the Zeitgeist Movement is their perspective on property. They posit that property is wasteful and unsustainable, and that it should be done away with in favor of a system of universal access. This would be made possible through an abundance of goods and services (with the help of automation/cybernation), leading to an elimination of the need for ownership.
* Sustainable City Systems: The Zeitgeist Movement supports systems theory and a systemic approach for a self-sustaining globe and culture which could be modeled on a smaller scale with a city-size system.

Phases of the movement:
Phase 1: Awareness Phase
As of 20 April 2010 (2010 -04-20)[update] the Zeitgeist Movement was in phase 1, consisting of collecting people, getting the movement's information out, and finding identification with other groups of individuals across all races, religions, and ethnicities. Phase 1 also consists of, but is not limited to, forming; teams to create the infrastructure of the movement site, a communication team, and a development team. Another aspect of phase 1 is forming international chapters which are needed for creating the infrastructure for communication on a global level. The main objective of phase 1 is the need for more members, in order to make the existence of the movement relevant to the external world.

Phase 2: Project Phase
Phase 2 is the team action phase, which the movement is not in yet, where chapter projects are shared with the community. This collective understanding is needed for a synchronized approach for projects such as knowledgeable lecturers. This is also the phase for organized awareness projects which are anticipated to lead to the incubation of offshoot projects such as ending world hunger, disarmament (by choice, not force), and anti-militarism. This phase focuses on expansion of the teams which will lead to expansion of the group and the creation of a functional organization. The aim of phase 2 is the interconnection of these groups with interrelated and interdisciplinary focuses.

Phase 3: Action Phase
Phase 3 is where higher forms of activism will occur such as boycotts, fund raising, city construction, direct lobbying of corporate and political organizations. This is the phase that will focus on dynamic interaction with previous established institutions.


Zeitgiest: The Movie Website

Zeitgeist: The Movie - 2007 by Peter Joseph. (with 2010 update)

Zeitgeist: Addendum - 2008 by Peter Joseph

This is the Official Online (Youtube) Release of "Zeitgeist: Moving Forward" by Peter Joseph. [30 subtitles ADDED!]

On Jan. 15th, 2011, "Zeitgeist: Moving Forward" was released theatrically to sold out crowds in 60 countries; 31 languages; 295 cities and 341 Venues. It has been noted as the largest non-profit independent film release in history.

This is a non-commercial work and is available online for free viewing and no restrictions apply to uploading/download/posting/linking - as long as no money is exchanged.

Nov 18, 2010

Rebel November

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November is like

a rebel spirit,

with no rhyme

nor reason in it.

She proudly wears

the mask of

any month,

deliberately toying

with the seasons.

She tosses Winter

around a bit,

as though

she really

meant to

get tough.

Suddenly the sun

bores through

the clouds,

daringly ready

to call her bluff.

November then

ushers in a day

of Summer,

warm winds

and hot sun,

it really is

a wonder.

All at once

the winds

come howling in,

bringing rain

and hail,

stripping leaves

from the trees,

showing her might

and strength.

She then settles

down a bit,

playing with

a beautiful

Autumn day.

But November,

being the

rebel spirit,

brings in

freezing weather,

showing us

her tantrums

are not

quite over,

showing us

Winter is

knocking on

our door.

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Nov 10, 2010

Bless The Veterans

Another Veteran's Day

is upon us, so we

need to remember

the call to serve

is answered by

the courageous,

who sacrifice everything,

to go off and fight

in foreign lands.

Their lives are

changed suddenly,

from the fear and

horrors they face.

The physical

wounds they endure,

soon heal, but

their tortured souls

 forever endure

the memories

and sorrows of

their dreadful war.

Of course there

are differing opinions

as to why the

government leads

people into battle.

Regardless of

all that, our vets

deserve our undying

gratitude and support,

for all they have

been put through.

So many veterans

return home with

emotional wounds

so deep, they

have difficulty

dealing with their

"normal lives back

in the world."

So a lot of

them wander the

lonely streets,

confused, broken

and shattered,

mourning the

ones who died,

and wondering

why they didn't.

Their wars back

home are usually

harder than the

wars they left behind,

due to lack of

  understanding from the

people around them.

Instead of turning

the other cheek,

embrace these

tortured vets,

showing compassion

and  gratitude

for their service.

They will carry the

scars of war deep

in their souls until

the day they die.

With a lot of help,

love and understanding,

it will show these vets,

their battles were not

fought for nothing.

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Nov 5, 2010


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On a beautiful

sunny day

with a few high

clouds, birdsongs,

the buzzing

of fat bees,

came the apocalyptic

sound of a concentrated

sonic concussion.

The skies cracked 

with blistering anger,

the ground rumbled

in crumbling pain.

A mushroom

cloud has come.

Radiation waves

will kill the living,

upon which

stealing fires ride,

lighting up the

devil's night,

reducing to ashes

the coming of

a new day.

Kingdom rise

as kingdom fall,

night will set with this

tumultuous new rule,

good men

treated as mules,

mothers and daughters

subjected to the cruel.

Many will fail to last

this hell on earth,

this final battle

led by war.

No time to 

fear the past,

just know God's

loving hand will

plant new seeds again.

The sun will find

its way back,

the burnt earth will

be painted gold.

The court of justice

will open in session,

sentencing eternal


Men's hearts returned

to their chests.

The land is now

ready to recover,

guided by God's

loving plan.

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