Feb 15, 2011

Rebel Spirit

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There is a

rebel spirit

in every man,

who fights for

truth and justice.

It has withstood

the blows of

many years,

and will do

so to the end.

It sparks a

burning desire

to wake up

the sleeping

masses and

raise a rebel cry,

battling on with

a heart of gold,

to stop Babylon's

wars and confusion.

The rebel spirit

lies in the hearts

of heroes dead,

and is found  in

every light of hope.

It is not bound

by time nor space,

it burns in

freedom's eyes.

It lights the dark

of every Hell,

as it thunders

forth its might.

It is called

the rebel

spirit of truth,

and is there

for all mankind.

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  1. Dave-the rebel spirit. Something you certainly have a fine sense of-a concern and compassion for all living things.

  2. so deep... short nice poem :)
    visit me too :)

  3. I am really enjoying your poetry and your blog. I appreciate you sharing your work. I will stay tuned in for more.

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