Mar 12, 2011

A New Story

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There is a new story

arising in the world.

One of turning away

from a culture of

domination and death,

and the turning toward

a culture that is life

sustaining and life renewing.

All over the planet people

are now telling this story.

It's a story to be told

by our descendants,

looking back on

this present time.

Will we be the monsters

of our great grand

children's nightmares?

Or, will we walk

as the new story says,

as heroes and healers,

and the epic poetry of

those still unborn voices?

Or, will we be lovingly

remembered in the songs

of our descendants,

as they recount the story

of this lost and very

wounded tribe that

stepped back from the

abyss, and found

its way home to the

community of living souls?

We get to choose.

Who are we going to be?

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