Oct 29, 2010


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Balance is the

key to life,

it's a dance

that we all do.

We strive to find

that balance point,

while seeking

out the truth.

Having too much

of anything

throws our

lives off kilter.

Good and evil

love and pain,

like walking

on a wire.

Love and family

work and play,

juggling them

all at once.

The balancing act

of yin and yang,

searching for

some answers.

Sometimes we

just need to

take a break,

get out and

enjoy nature.

Remembering we

are part of

Mother Earth,

the wisdom

of the ages.

The answers

we are seeking

are whispered

in the wind.

Just listen with

an open heart,

and feel the

peace within.

When your soul

and nature

are as one,

the balance

has begun.

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  1. Love it ... but my suggestion is to lose all of the punctuation. It is so much easier to read without it and you may delete this comment. Strive for balance. I am a poet.

  2. Hi skdd :) Thanks for the comment on my latest poem "Balance" As for the punctuation thing......I found this cool article about it, and these lines from that article pretty well sum up my attitude towards the subject: When I was in high school, Liz Frank-Green, one of my favorite English teachers of all time, introduced me to e.e. cummings. Needless to say, I loved his work, and yes, partly because he broke the rules. He was a rebel. I like rebels. So, if you’re inclined to be a rebel, too, consider the possibility that if “all” poetry is devoid of punctuation, then it becomes “mainstream.” At that point, utilizing punctuation and traditional forms becomes rebellious...and i am a rebel in training ;) You can check out the entire article here :) To Punctuate or Not to Punctuate, therein lies the Question…

  3. love it as i just discovered you and love your style.

  4. Beautiful, Neva! So true. It is vital to have balance. This makes for a happier existance.:)
    David Sjolander

  5. It's a difficult thing to maintain balance, at first. It only sustains itself in time. Kind of like throwing away our training wheels for the first time. Our courage to peddle freely into future will work like a gyroscope. Balance is sustained by inertia. Good poem Dave... be well.

  6. This is grand.

    The Mind Canvas