Jan 8, 2015

See Beneath The Lies

Those who wallow

in greed and hate

bathe themselves

in the blood

of the honest man,

who works and loves

each day and night,
providing a better place

for all upon this land.

These hate filled souls

come in all sizes,

colors and shapes,

spreading their lies

across the globe,

reaping profits

thru fear and war,

while cloaking themselves

in righteous gain.

Their deceit runs deep

and their power strong,

fleecing the masses

for all they have,

while shouting from atop

their temples and thrones, 

"freedom and justice

for all mankind!"

To see beneath these lies

of greed and hate,

is the ultimate test

 of the noble man,

who stands and fights

for the common good,

while enduring the scars

of harm and spite,

from the evil ones

who are exposed.

We all must stand together,

bonding ourselves

to a common thread,

healing from the wounds

these so-called

righteous men impose,

learning that what they speak

is their wicked truths,

and not our own.

When we educate ourselves

in the truth of light,

we can then walk with

the pure power of love,

knowing we brought

out the evil ones,

because we finally learned

to see beneath the lies.

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