Dec 20, 2010

All Things Change

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We're on the verge

of something,

something bigger

than we know.


flows onward,

infinite and whole,

to the place

where all

things change.

Welcome to

the doorway,

what is on

the other side?

It's not for me

or you to say,

because our lives

are like the tide.


and flowing,


and seeking,


on the move.

Our souls are

like cocoons,

waiting to

break free,

to spread our

wings and fly.

We're on

the verge

of something,

greater than

we know,

something that

will rise above,

the ashes

of the old.

Now here's where

all things change.

Time within the

wheel eternity,

nature and mind

in harmony.

This poem was inspired from the Kan'Nal song of the same name, with a little poetic license of my own thrown in.... :)


  1. Dave-love your confidence in the future and in the direction humanity is going.

  2. very thought provoking poem, nicely penned!!