Nov 26, 2010

The Evolution Of Consciousness

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There has been an evolution of consciousness going on for some time, but humanity is indeed facing challenging times. There is absolutely no denying the fact of this. It is all around us. Wars, terrorism, famine, disease, corruption, homelessness, the end of the central banking pyramid scheme currently manifesting itself as the global financial crisis. Climate change, the media tries to teach us is not man-made, despite a wealth of scientific evidence to the contrary, and there are many other things besides. Even in this film it mentions some of the challenges we are facing from the very governments and police forces we have employed to protect us, and who, through the use of a controlled media have slowly worked to convince the people that they are our rulers when they are in fact our servants.

Yet despite all the problems we face, any investigation reveals that all of these issues have a common cause and that this cause can very easily be addressed. All that is needed to do so is public awareness of the real situation humanity is facing. In fact, when one puts away the fear, stands back and looks deep enough, it can be seen that all these challenges actually present mankind with a most wonderful opportunity, perhaps the greatest we have ever had offered to us. Indeed such challenges as those that we currently face may even be seen as something of a blessing for were it not for the challenges the opportunity we now have would never have presented itself to us. And it truly is being handed to us on a silver platter.

What we are being provided with is an opportunity to embrace the power we all have; the choice to step away from the fear and to unite the human family. An opportunity for the human race to understand the connection we have to each other and to embrace a unity of consciousness. Certainly, it is extremely important that we free ourselves from the corporate shackles of this society; it is important that the social and political issues, the fake wars of contrivance, the loss of rights, and the attitude of our corrupt governments and police forces be dealt with, but what is even more important is that they be dealt with in the right way. That way is not through violence and revolution. It is not through a center of anger and hatred. The powers that be want violent revolution, they want the polarized energy such conflagrations produce but this must not be done for the most effective way to deal with it all is through a peaceful rebellion of non compliance to the system and through adherence to the one law. To connect to the heart and to do the right thing.


  1. Fabulous! Thank you. I watched both and it makes so much sense.

  2. The rapture took place decades ago. Those , prepared, moved to the new consciousness then. They are the drop-outs and back to the land misfits who refused to cooperate with societies gone mad. It is a worldwide phenomena. The old order is rapidly fading and new beings are preparing their decedents to take their place as part of a galactic community. But, nothing comes easy. It takes time for a stream to make smooth the sharp edges of a stone. There will always be cycles of drought and flood that slow down and hasten the process. Until the time comes, we will join together in work, love and song... thanks Dave.

  3. cool...a little bit new to me but thanks for the share

  4. One by one, we have to assert our humanity, our beauty, our love of life, and transform this daily madness we call civilization.

  5. I'm not a climate change expert, but David de Rothschild of the banking cartel family, referenced in the 5 hour documentary Rings of Power which you uploaded to youtube, is a huge proponent of man-made climate change. Something to ponder.