Apr 15, 2010


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I hope at last,

i have reached

the age of reason,

though i fear,

i am very much alone.

Once life was a

glorious syncopation,

it's now nothing but a

monotonous monotone.

I'm tired of passing lightly,

over the nightly,

brief sex appeal.

I now, want a love

to last forever,

true love, that lasts

through sick and well.

I'm building up a

brand new romance,

building it deep and strong.

For, without a solid foundation,

love wouldn't last at all.

I've learned from sad,

past mistakes, true love

should last for all eternity.

To some folks, eternity is

only for a week or more.

I fondly hope

my new romance,

will last forever, as it

has never done before.

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  1. Very well and true also. Very much appreciated.
    Thank you...

  2. Hi there:

    I tried to reach you earlier today. But I would like to use your romance image for the front cover of my e-book it you don't mind. I just fell in love with this image and would greatly appreciate being able to use it. My e-mail address is bgoodman@acn.net. I look forward to hearing from you.