Jul 13, 2009


Love is God.

Love is the life gift.

Love is the law

superseding time.

I will love and

thereby become love.

Love is God.

Love is all.

I will not hate,

Hate is the soul biter.

Hate is a solitary

evil creating void.

Love conquers hate.

I will be love.

I will shed my envy,

and be at peace.

Envy is the heart renter,

laying waste to love.

I will not fear.

Fear is the mind killer,

the little death

that kills eternal.

I will face my fear.

I will be love.

I will be peace.

Peace is the still water.

Peace is the healer.

I will be at peace.

Love will heal me,

and make me immune.

I look inward for truth,

outward for wisdom,

everywhere for love.

Truth is the wisdom maker.

Wisdom, the truth slayer.

Love binds them into one.

Love is God.

Love is all.

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  1. Keep trying, baby. Just keep trying. You'll come to it down the road. You really will.


  2. this is what it takes to have internal happiness

  3. Wonderful. Beautiful words.

  4. anne/marviene... I'm so refreshed. very nice