Sep 29, 2010

Full Moon Autumn Night

The beautiful full

moon is shining,

in the glorious

Autumn night.

In the chilly coolness

of the shadows,

the questing

winds are sighing,

across the bosom

of the earth,

playing ethereal music,

as the tree tops

sway in tune.

The rustling leaves

their eerie

dancing start,

in the shining

moonlight of Fall.

You can't help but

feel the magic,

as all the dancing

shadows gyrate,

in the cool,

crisp Autumn air,

while you gaze

with awe

and wonder,

at the full, bright

Autumn moon.

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  1. A rare moment, full moon/equinox... nice poem.

  2. Amazing poem. Chinese Mid-Autumn is around the conner, it's one of the most important festival in China. The moon is very beautiful in that day.