Nov 5, 2010


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On a beautiful

sunny day

with a few high

clouds, birdsongs,

the buzzing

of fat bees,

came the apocalyptic

sound of a concentrated

sonic concussion.

The skies cracked 

with blistering anger,

the ground rumbled

in crumbling pain.

A mushroom

cloud has come.

Radiation waves

will kill the living,

upon which

stealing fires ride,

lighting up the

devil's night,

reducing to ashes

the coming of

a new day.

Kingdom rise

as kingdom fall,

night will set with this

tumultuous new rule,

good men

treated as mules,

mothers and daughters

subjected to the cruel.

Many will fail to last

this hell on earth,

this final battle

led by war.

No time to 

fear the past,

just know God's

loving hand will

plant new seeds again.

The sun will find

its way back,

the burnt earth will

be painted gold.

The court of justice

will open in session,

sentencing eternal


Men's hearts returned

to their chests.

The land is now

ready to recover,

guided by God's

loving plan.

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  1. Like you, I think whatever men do to this earth, the phoenix will rise again out of its ashes.