Oct 15, 2010

The Dance

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Talking about the ways

of an ever restless spirit.

Dancing with inspiration

is the only way that will tame it.

It starts at the source,

a course that comes from within.

 Words falling from the heart,

to the valley of the pen.

It pours to the people,

the ones that want to hear.

Come dance with the poet,

 for the time is coming near.

 It's a lyrical explosion,

passing on its seeds,

to all nationalities,

colors, and creeds.

Now it comes easy,

just a matter of releasing.

Taking a jump from

the ship of dignity,

 into the sea of eternity.

It's a dance that we do,

 to the movement of the stars.

Traveling miles without

 the use of cars.

Yet, can we dance

 to the flames of a fire,

 oh, can our voices

rise higher and higher?

Out of time, out of mind,

 only in the now,

don't bother asking why,

because we're going

to show you how.

What i'm talking about

is not some luxury vacation,

just a lesson in the

one and only, positive vibration.

Together we journey

through a higher space,

subsequently sending

peace to our race.

The magic of dancing,

shining in the night,

right before our eyes,

and then flashing out of sight.

What's that you say,

can you explain it a little more?

Well, life is the game,

and the journey is the board.

Breath is our peace,

and the lion is our roar.

It's the absence of judgment,

but not the lack of choice,

talking about another way

to utilize our voice.

The power of the people,

the ones that speak as one,

the movement of the masses,

are going to out power any gun.

Love is our sword,

and we strike it all around,

to anybody open to this

higher vibrational ground.

We move as a tribe,

as we dance in the field,

singing hallelujah to

that ever sacred seal,

that binds us together

to make a solid chain.

You and me, him and her,

we're all just the same.

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  1. Love is the key :) very nice poëm Dave! It holds the truth, and people are starting to see this more and more..