Dec 2, 2010

Autumn Rebel

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All the brightly

colored Autumn

pictures painted

so gloriously,

with all its drapes

of golden brown,

have now all

faded and gone.

The dead leaves

have all been raked

and carted away,

now the trees stand

stark and bare,

across the far flung

landscape everywhere.

But there is one

rebel tree that stands

out here by us,

that just can't be

bothered by

all that stuff,

of dropping its

leaves in the

hibernation bunk.

It still stands

with somber mien,

and stately trunk,

as though in

solemn prayer,

fully leaved as it

was in Summer.

Only difference now,

its leaves have

all turned brown,

but still defiantly

refusing to leave the

tree and fall down.

This rebel tree

of Autumn,

still wearing its

close fitting garb,

in these December

days of snow

and frost.

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