Nov 4, 2009

The Dream

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I do not know my future,

i barely know my past.

I only know i feel good now,

and i pray that it will last.

Wisdom of past masters,

to guide me through the dream,

but the path is still elusive,

makes me want to scream.

To hear a child say:

"if i grow up" helps me see.

The dream can be fearful,

the truth is hard to see.

Distractions are a constant,

peace, it is elusive.

Heaven only knows, i don't,

exactly what truth is.

So i laugh and live,

if only for the moment.

The dream is one inside.

The dream, most of us

need to know it.

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  1. i'm totally with this

  2. Outstanding, no other words are needed.

  3. Dave, you are such a good poet. I really enjoyed this one. It just flowed right along..

  4. It's all about living in the moment as you've so eloquently expressed in these prose.

  5. Lovely poem and a good example of what it feels like to be in spiritual transition - and how to create a coping skill to keep your balance!