Mar 25, 2009

Elemental Tao

In the dog days of August,
your love is a gentle breeze,
softly whispering my name,
gently caressing the trees.

Our love is elemental,
it can never die.
Our love's so sentimental,
sparkling in your eyes.
Air and Fire, soothing heat,
spheres of life and light.
Earth and Water, cleansing me.
I see now with new sight.

In the chilling freeze of winter,
your love is burning flame,
warming me but doesn't scorch.
Torrid heat that's barely tame.

Our love is elemental,
it can never end.
Our love is sentimental,
a beauty none could rend.
Air and Fire, soothing heat,
showing me the light.
Water and Earth nurturing me,
holding me all night.

In the raining months of growth,
your love, it springs to life,
flowing like a melt off stream,
singing while you hold me tight.

Our love is elemental,
it can never die.
Our loves so sentimental,
burning in your eyes.
Air and Fire, burning warm,
yin and yang unite.
Earth and Water together blend,
the only way that's right.

In the painted days, October,
love that's solid, rich as earth,
showing new colors of joy each day.
Colors of delight and mirth.

Earth and Water, Fire and Wind,
our love can never die.
Yin and Yang, Light and Dark,
our love is ever right.
Like the seasons changing,
change will always be.
Summer, Spring, Winter, Fall,
all bring me nearer to thee.

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  1. love is like the elements earth, air, wind and fire very nice comparison :))