Jan 7, 2012

Democracy Of The Ninety Nine Percent

I used to believe

in their democracy,

but now i see

right thru it.

All the lies,

hate and greed,

are glaring examples

of hypocrisy,

the one percenters

fiery pit.

They lie and cheat

their way to the top,

cloaking truth

behind closed doors.

They keep telling

us all is grand,

as they press on

with their evil wars.

But, the winds of

change are blowing,

this the ninety nine

percent are sure.

For real democracy

is truth and justice,

this is the people's roar!

The one percent

are scared of this,

the ultimate

playground bullies.

They must instill fear

in the hearts of men,

to keep their house

of cards from falling.

Their system is

crumbling none the less,

and the ninety nine 

percent know it.

We must keep taking

it to the streets,

no matter how

hard the fight is.

For then, the evil

one percent

will truly know what

real democracy looks like!

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