Jan 9, 2012

Magic Dreams

Lazy rings of smoke

float ever down,

in filtered evening

beams of magic light.

Miles and miles

of anxious dreaming.

Tell my tales

to all i meet,

so i know myself.

Throbbing midnights

and lover's dreams.

Magic only i know

alone in the dark.

Lost in space,

not to memory,

never to life.

The more i

think about it,

the more unclear

it becomes.

So away i go,

flying higher,

faster i fly, Alive.

Catching glimpses,

breaths of strange air.

Growing, glowing,

freedom of life.

All hail the magic night,

parent of inspiration,

mother of us all.

Dreams so old,

so strange,

now i think i know,

so i must you see.

Knowing is believing,

knowing is wondering.

Seeking, dreaming,

soaking up the

whole damn thing.

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1 comment:

  1. im want to write a poem with you one day, mate. But i'll wait til the good times start rollin in first. i wouldnt know because i havent tried for a few years, but something tells me it will flow out of me like a deep breathe.

    i hope i take the time to read all your poems, but i have lots running through my head lately and not enough time in a day to do what i would like to do in a day. also, i am easily distracted and side tracked.

    Take care o yo self, dogg!
    Adam E.