Feb 15, 2012

Day By Day

Day by night, night to day,

going through the motions,

literally bored to death,

day by day by day.

Sleep and wake, work and play,

thrill seeking, joking, singing,

anything to relieve monotony,

inherent in the moments.

It is beyond boredom,

a feeling of plasticity,

of not really belonging,

never going home.

Triviality, nonsense, business,

to busy oneself

out of the boredom

that survival can become.

Acquiescence, growing older,

settling in habitual hauntings.

Casual acceptance of lies

told to oneself.

Lies of belief and dreams.

Open your eyes, look around.

I see, desperation, poverty,

wanton spite thrives,

miserably, anxiously,

pride, lust, mostly fear.

Fear in every glance,

and boredom overwhelming

the entire scene....

Still your mind from

these anxious dreams,

take a deep breath

of life giving air,

for it soothes and heals us.

Always remember Mother Earth,

life giving matron,

smiles her love upon us.

When the dawn arrives,

it makes us free, unfettered.

Ah, the blessed morn,

awakening the prisms,

rekindling their rainbows,

and lilting mankind

to action flame.

Father sun, he makes

love to our Mother

the Earth, recreating life.

Blessed be their union,

they dance, and so too

we love the day, our home,

for oh so many centuries.

Nite, the final frontier of man,

he beckons, he calls us

to dream and dream again.

So share his peace,

so revel in shadow.

Do not fear these anxious dreams,

for the nite, your brother,

loves you.

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