Nov 21, 2012

Into The Mystic Light

The mystic truth

of Universal


binds all

living souls

to the thread

of life.

We are all

born with the

Divine Spirit

inside us,

shining its


mystic light.

It has been



the ages,

explored by


and modern

man alike.

This journey

begins by

listening to

and seeking,

that inner voice

inside your heart.

It will fill you

with the wisdom

of the ages,

pouring out tales

of truth and love.

Even though

this World

is surrounded by

delusion and


we are still


beings to the

living nature

of the Universe.

To attain


in this lifetime,

we must awaken

to this

mystic truth.

We can

then begin

to raise the

changing view,

sending love

into all,

guiding us into

the mystic light.

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