Oct 1, 2012

Into The Land Of The Midnight Sun

Hopes and dreams

abound in the land

of the midnight sun.

Endless is the calling

of bounty far and wide.

Venturing forth into

this vast land,

like and ebbing,

flowing tide.

This wild place

called Alaska,

breeds a certain

type of spirit.

Living their journey

off the land,

bringing a rugged

sense of self

along with it.

The magical and

mystical winds of

Alaska are blowing,

whispering a tale

of pride and fear.

This ancient land

holds many secrets,

waiting for those who

are brave of heart,

to venture forth

and hear it.

This last frontier

is a land

unlike any other.

Sitting and

waiting patiently,

to forever

change the lives

of those who enter

into the land of

the midnight sun.

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  1. Very nice. But very windy in the video. I turned off the sound and just read the poem (which I guess is what I usually do, anyway). Good to see you back. :-)

  2. Nice to see your new creation. Enjoyed reading it. We also get the midnight sun, here in beautiful Finland in summer (mostly in the north of our country).