Jun 15, 2013

A Seafarer's Poem

Everyone has a dream

in there hearts,

but for some

it is a life at sea.

For adventures bold,

and bounty deep,

a seafarer's

tale it told.

Of Wintery gales,

and crashing waves,

of Summer's

wind and rain.

For life upon

the Alaskan seas,

is one few

men can claim.

Working hard each

day and night,

with lonely

hearts of home.

Your shipmates

are ever there,

and many

friendships born.

We are out there

in the thick of it,

all struggling

to maintain.

Laughing, fighting,

praying, singing,

surviving is

our game.

When the fish

are gone and

duties done,

our hearts are

swelled with pride.

For we thrived

upon these

Alaskan seas,

and brought

our bounty home.

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