Apr 10, 2015

The Illusion Of Control

As we journey along our path of life,

the world around us appears

to be ever spinning

into a complex and chaotic circus

of performers and directors,

playing their parts on a stage 

that seems set to control us.

We can get caught up in this

tumultuous web of illusions and lies,

that sweep us into other realities

brought on by the players

whose agenda is controlling the masses.

We then struggle thru the foggy haze

of greed, hate, fear and war,

believing this illusion of control is all there is,

seeking, and stumbling our way thru,

with eyes that confuse us.

Life and nature are ever changing,

ebbing and flowing towards

a finale we can't see coming,

no matter what we do or how we play

our parts in this world around us.

The more we try to control it,

the more we hurt and suffer,

complicating our lives

to the point of chaos, or madness,

when all we have to do

is reach out and grab hold

of the only real truth out there,

which is letting go and allowing

nature to take its course.

When we finally realize 

that living in the moment,

working towards our goals and desires,

yet allowing ourselves to be

swept up in the ever-changing,

ever-spontaneous circle of life,

we can then step off the stage

of the illusion of control,

and start living our lives to the fullest.

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