Feb 14, 2009

I Burn Alive

I burn alive, so i write it.

The fever is upon me.

I tell of fear and joy and hate,

all of what's within me.

Whence it comes, where it goes,

the muses only know.

It happens oft at random,

the wind is want to blow.

I burn alive, visions i see,

things that i forget.

It burns too hot to cool me,

too hot to regret.

I sing a song of sadness,

and a song of love.

I sing a tale of madness,

fire like a glove.

You can see the fire burning,

look into my eyes.

My head will still be floating

high up in the skies.

I burn alive and so it goes,

the fever that i have.

I wish i could control it,

the fire burning fast.

I burn alive and so i hold,

fire in my hands.

I travel on far and near,

the fire never ends.

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