Feb 11, 2009

An Artist

An artist has their

canvas and paints,

charcoal and pastel.

Musicians have their

instruments to

make ideas gel.

And yet they are

the same you see,

with creativity.

This is how they

pass their thoughts

to posterity.

The sculptors with

their blocks of stone,

beauty they create.

The dancers with

their body moves,

magic they awake.

Photographers up

at every dawn,

sunrise they await.

And so their visions

pass on down

from man to child.

And so the vision

passes on becoming

much more wild.

The poets with

their pen and 

ink and parchment.

Novelist and filmer

making in this world

a little dent.

To give ones perception

of the soul to

mankind is the

hardest thing a

person could find.

Critics are harsh 

and oft' unforgiving.

Sometimes i don't think

their amongst the living.

And so you strive on,

keep trying for better.

Perfection cannot be art

until you let it.

Just let it flow

out of you

smoothly and slow.

If it is right

then you'll surely know.

And no person can judge

a part of another.

They don't know the tale

unless they have been there.

So let your art be

part of your very soul.

Plant part of yourself,

you will reap what you sow.

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  1. Nice post by your end, and thanks for sharing this kind of information.

  2. Interesting blog, I like the picture and good explanation about the creative process :) Sheri

  3. love this uch a great concept of the arts!!!

  4. Perception of the soul lingers on like you've forgotten but still you know, that any expression of the self is a vibration of the soul. Poetry sculptures paintings music and dance touching the harts of all souls, mixed with joy and compassion. Through those arts we all learn a lesson. We glimpse at the grand soul which embraces us all, for there is only one that's really playing the ball...

  5. Creativity is the means by which we become who we are. Nice poem Dave... thanks