Feb 14, 2009

Focus On Love

Believe what you want,

believe what you know,

focus on evil, your evil will grow.

Believe what you want,

what you feel is right,

look for the truth,

you will find light.

We are all in tune and cosmically tied,

anything else is one more lie.

We're all here to learn,

learn all we can,

no other purpose for being a man.

Ignore your potential,

ignore who you are,

lost by the way, you won't go far.

So much joy waiting to be unleashed.

Just try and put your soul at ease.

Try to relax, take your life in stride,

concentrate on what's inside.

You can be really wicked, angry and red,

all of that shit is just in your head.

Live a lie and that's all you have.

Convince yourself your so bad.

Exercise freedom, show all your love,

gentle power in the flight of a dove.

Believe what you want,

believe what you know,

focus on love, your strength will grow.

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  1. this is so true evil begets evil love begets love people need to focus on the good in their worlds and in their lives only then will the world become a better place great poem :)) from hollynoel001

  2. Very true. Evil will bring you down mentally and physically. It is very hard to focus on the good things in life:)

  3. Fabulous! Portions remind me of Blake's "Auguries Of Innocence."

    "If the Sun & Moon should doubt
    They'd immediately go out."