Jun 16, 2009

In The Dark

So i sit here and wonder,

where did all the magic go,

and will it ever return.

So it seems i've blundered,

and i will never know,

why it had to burn.

Just have to be dancin',

keep on romancin',

another painful lesson,

waitin' to be learned.

Just gotta keep dreamin',

or i'll end up screamin'.

One more road to walk,

corners to be turned.

So i sit here just waitin',

thinkin' 'bout the sunshine,

'cause i'm sittin' in the dark.

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This work by mysticdave is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.


  1. Nicely done.

    Seems like the "magic" does disappear from time to time. Perhaps the writer hasn't been mortally wounded if he still feels like getting up and dancing, romancing and dreaming.

    Hope. (and a candle for the writer's dark day)


  2. There is definitely a song there. The lyrical tones are fantastic.

  3. Very well put in the most appropriate words!
    Wonderful lines:
    "One more road to walk,
    corners to be turned."
    Thanks for sharing such a nice poem.

  4. This is deeply evocative and brought tears to my eyes. I love the raw, vulnerable, solitary feeling of it. I think it is something we have all felt at some time or another. But you express it in a very intimate way as if it were expressed for the very times for all of humanity.

    Being a songwriter I agree with "shutterbug" there is definitely a song there. I thought that while reading it. Beautiful job Dave.

  5. I really love this poem. I just do.