Jun 3, 2009


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One evening in the early fall,

young Chaps, he went a wandering.

Where, oh where is Cherry blossom,

is what he was a wondering.

He found her out under the bush,

and together they touched noses.

They looked out at the world,

and the problems it poses.

Chaps struts out first, the Tom,

he wont be afraid at all,

till some kids come in his yard,

so he hides behind a wall.

Now harmless puppies are in his home!

He smells, and knows they're dogs!

Maybe babies, but out!

He leaves and roams.

Chaps the hop-along bandit,

caught a mantis on the run.

Brought it home then,

to have a little fun,

but the poor mantis had gone to sleep.

Chaps the bandit didn't weep.

He just went off in his

indifferent kitty way.

He and his Cherry,

run off to play.

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  1. This is a nice poem, Dave.

    Alex Alonso

  2. I really enjoyed this one. It's very abstract and the word-usage allows the mind to wander just a bit, but not so much that it detracts from the story within. Well done, and thank you for the great shares, I appreciate it.



  3. Cats are an endless source of amusement whose explorations into the world will cure any writer's block! Gave me a grin, thanks!

  4. Ha! I enjoyed this! A fun read! Keep writing!