Jun 30, 2009

Six Men

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Sing a song of six men,

sing a song of life.

Sing a song of six men,

listen to their lives.

First, he's angry,

it's a bummer world.

He knows it's all a drag,

so he fights himself constantly,

and that is all he has.

Second isn't nearly good enough,

he is hiding in fear.

Always trying to go one better,

than all of his peers.

Third, he loves his money,

loves it more than him,

and since he doesn't gamble,

well, he never wins.

Fourth a man of knowledge,

sharp is his wit,

but that someone else know truth,

he wont hear of it.

Fifth calls himself a realist,

reality is bad.

Not think it would be better,

wont let himself be glad.

Six, he is a lonesome man,

living by himself.

He wont let a soul come near

to his private hell.

Sing a song of six men,

hung up on their strife.

Sing a song of six men,

and of wasted life.

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  1. That's a deep, though provoking poem Dave, really made me thing, quite poignant and a sense of years wasted.

  2. i know people like this and it's a shame what a wasted life excellent prose thanks

  3. Very well done and all could be personality traits of one.

  4. Wow. Great post, great writing. Yes, thought provoking. Let's hope all six (or one) of them strive to be more or find a way to co-exist.


  5. that was actually quite interesting! A little difficult to read with the text so dark, but I definitely enjoyed it.

    -Fresh Writing

  6. OK, Dave, that's really good. As I read it, I found myself almost singing it. Next blog post should include sheet music. lol