Sep 21, 2009


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All of humanity is seeking,
and sneaking, and speaking
in tongues.
We've all become numb
assuming things have to be
this way, well they don't...ok?
I'm sick and tired of fearing,
and hearing a note of apathy
in the anthem that you sing to me,
when clearly destiny is all that is free.
When we finally assume responsibility
and stop being victims of the system
that we created.
We made it, so we can change it.
If it does burn down,
in the aftermath of ash
upon the ground, truth will be found.
Let that song resound off the
purple mountains majesty,
from sea to shining sea,
drowning out the star spangled banner's
unholy clamor of glory in war,
when the only thing worth fighting
for is peace.
So the deceased can at least
be released from this life not in vain.
Can you hear the refrain of that melody?
The change starts with me and with you.
So do what you should, what you would
if you had no limits, because the
truth is we are limitless,
regardless of what you have been taught,
and brought up to believe.
Breathe....and reprieve the condemnation
of this "one nation under God",
because it's one world, and if there is a God,
his favors unfurled upon
the whole planets surface,
and without love we're worthless.
So love life and live,
and in doing so give something back.
The fact of our pack, is that we have the knack
to shake things up, and if you give a damn,
start shaking, and making a plan,
to bring down "the man", and replace his face
with the billions who stand in his place.
United, because divided, we are falling.
My voice in calling out a lyrical shout!
Joining with others in our new world song,
the volume is rising,
c'mon, sing along.

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  1. this is great i hope everybody see's it and takes responsibility for what is right very powerful message for everyone to read!!!

  2. As Zuzanna says, you are the voice of truth, powerful and well written poem.