Apr 14, 2009

Know Peace

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Try to hide and it's no good,
you will be found.
If you think the war is over,
then you better look around.
Where do you think our money is going,
to fight another stupid war.
The seeds of torment we're sowing.
I dream a dream of peace in our time.
It must be too much to ask,
people seem to need the fight,
they just can't let their brothers
do what they want,
they'd sooner shoot.
Try to understand me,
not wanting to fight.
We can find common ground,
if we will try.
If you wont then, so what,
you can be shot.
I am afraid that corruption
dwells in whom we place trust in,
not peace, freedom, and justice.
For even with the coming of
their "peace",
their greed is only fed.
"Since we won, all the death
has been justified".
So to the power mongers,
more power is given,
along with the all mighty dollar.
Their blessed and holy God,
is placed on high,
where all may kneel to it.
To the generals, to the president,
to people with war in their hearts:
our Mother, the Earth, is given by you,
a vaginal wound, the blood of which
flows on your hands and souls,
and all of your filthy dollars,
cannot stem the flow.
I weep for you.

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  1. hollynoel001
    what a wonderful poem to reissue in times like this beautifully written and nicly descriptive i agree with glynis "Powerful words"
    "Know Peace"--this is an impressive poem
    thank you dave