Sep 17, 2009

Shining Star

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One shining star in a thousand,
brightly out does the rest.
All the others exclaim,
out of us all, you're the best.
It tells them no, you're all this way,
each as good as me.
It tells them all you need is love,
this they cannot see.
It talks of justice, truth and peace,
miracle they scream!
We will make all live your truth,
twisting up the dream.

One shining star in a thousand,
quietly goes to rest.
All the others weep and grieve,
because it left the nest.
But they have its word to change,
alter as they will.
Make a million more "believe",
if they have to kill.
But truth is always truth,
it is incarnate.
Truth is never evil,
and it is not ever hate.
Some will always have the dream,
buried deep inside,
but others lie to themselves,
throw love aside.
Others need to hide in guilt,
that they create.
Guilt is never truth,
truth is never hate.

One shining star in a thousand,
heaves a heavy sigh.
The others took his truth,
and created new lies.
But some will always strive
to know truth.
Some of us know we'll shine,
love will make us new.

One shining star in a thousand,
a legacy of love.
Its truth cannot be lost though,
it may be covered up.
Years have twisted up its word,
blurring its intent,
but basic truths are there,
though slightly bent.
Jesus, they made a mockery
of your honesty,
but some hear you calling
and hear your truth.
Not read from a book,
truth comes from in you.

One shining star in a thousand,
lives inside of souls,
knowing of your mysteries,
and all of your woes.
Listen to its voice inside you,
you will know truth.
Let it calm so it may teach,
let its love be you.

One shining star in a thousand,
lives inside my heart.

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  1. What is so wonderful about this poem, besides the beautiful words is that you were able to use a traditional style and still make it interesting without sounding like a hallmark verse. That is very difficult to do and you've mastered it well. Good job.