Jul 26, 2010

A Secret

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Sometimes when things

go dead wrong,

and i get so discouraged,

i find great wisdom

and much comfort

thinking of a secret

i learned many years ago.

One simply can't

have everything.

In this old world

of sorrow and strife,

regardless of how

hard we work,

we simply can't have

every pleasure

without a little pain.

We can't have all sunshine

without a little rain.

So, just be happy

day by day,

and be content with

what we do have.

Smile, sing and laugh,

because all our fears

aren't half as bad

as they might have been,

if we hadn't learned

the little secret,

one simply can't

have everything.

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  1. Such wise words, beautifully written.

  2. "One simply can't have everything,"-profound words. Nor does one need everything; in fact, all one needs is what one has.