Jul 5, 2010

The Call Of The Desert

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Limitless brilliance of the desert day.
The slowly sinking sun
seemingly hangs motionless
over the distant horizon,
loathe to give up
as the day is done.
As the newborn night
silently stirs the desert
night life to play,
the little star eyes
sleepily blink open,
to promise coolness for awhile.
The distant mountain range
denotes power to beguile.
The steady heart beat
of desert night life with
a heart warming music,
rhythmic clear.
A new born evening breeze,
springs to life,
to give much needed
coolness to the desert flowers
eternal fight for life.
Only a lonely wanderer
of this desert land
could possibly know
or understand the
real fascination,
and intense coloration
of the great,
patient monoliths,
as they stand
among their kind,
in the infernal heat
of the desert sand.
The indescribable delicacy
of the desert plants
and flowers that so far
out class the carefully
tended flowers of our
civilizations clustered stand.
The soft, enchanting nights,
where the ethereal
magic of the moon,
makes desert night
seem like noon,
causing each fleeting,
dancing shadow,
seem ever changing,
never twice the same.
The great red walls
of the castle like cliffs,
tells the story of eternal
patience and bliss.
Where there is no
beginning and no end,
in this brooding,
beautiful desert wonderland.
I love to listen to this song
the desert wind is singing:
"May love and beauty
walk with you forever."

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  1. Beautiful poem Dave, you capture the essence of the desert so well.

  2. Dave-I know the feeling very well that you describe in this poem. The silent grandeur of the desert night and that sense of being in the presence of eternity.