Jul 19, 2010

Too Much Stress!

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I dearly loved the good old days,

with peaceful, sane simplicity.

I am greatly disturbed

by this present life,

of hurry, scurry, stress

and eternal strife.

With this age of technology

we are forced to face,

the ever maddening race

for the dollars and the power.

Tomorrow is too late to finish

the work we must do today,

to prevent the shirk of

head lines and tensions,

which erase all sense of fair

play and thoughtful kindness.

In the pressure of this frantic

world, with its stress, greed,

lust and single mindedness,

we fail to understand the true

meaning of this life God gave to us.

We strive, we work, dream

and toil, struggling not to let

this mortal strain break us.

But no matter how much stress

we face, we must fight the

good fight the best we can,

trying not to leave this deadly

mess to future generations.

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  1. I've had this attitude my whole life: to live simply and avoid the business of the world.