Aug 11, 2010

Digging Up The Devils

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I think that maybe,

there's something underneath,

our abilities to perceive.

I got hazy vision,

living in a smoky mirror,

i sure wish i could see clearer,

through this foggy mind.

Oh, keep digging more,

i'm going to dig up all the

devils in my soul.

I'm going to dig up all

the devils in the world,

and free my soul.

Something tells me,

question what i believe,

question authority,

question just about everything,

that claims to be the

only way to salvation,

only way to reach Heaven,

don't believe the lies they feed.

The poor and hungry,

are running on empty,

the strength in your machine,

is fading away.

Don't think we won't step

aside to watch it fall,

we're going to do our part

to stop your wars,

and take you home.

Oh, keep digging more,

we're going to dig up

all the devils in the world

so we can free our souls.

This poem was inspired from the Kan'Nal song of the same name, with a little poetic license of my own thrown in.... :)


  1. I once dug up the the devil of my self concept, fearing that I would loose so much, by telling myself the truth. Then I found authenticity, and all the treasure that an artist/mystic finds within. More was gained than lost. Free from the devils of distortion that are created by the fear of insignificance. (thoughts inspired by your poem)... thanks Dave

  2. Dig up all those devils, and overpower them with love.