Aug 30, 2010

Old Scenes Of Yesterday

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Old scenes of yesterday,

what nostalgic memories

they evoke,

as i wander along

a tree lined path,

and stand, at last,

beneath our trusting oak.

I fondly trace the initials,

lovingly carved

into the gnarled,

weather seamed old trunk.

I fondly remember

when you and i

carved them there

with gentle hearts.

I still feel the glorious

love we each held for

one another then,

that throughout all

this time has endured,

like the moss lovingly

clinging to its bark,

like your arms

used to cling to me.

My heart to you throughout

the years has clung,

like a glorious echo,

when you and i were young.

This old tree trunk gives

out such rugged strength,

from the mossy roots,

to the sun kissed crest.

But gently now,

are the arms of wood,

where the birds

so lovingly nest.

Time has left no chart

to mark its days,

the fleeting years have sped.

Our trusting oak's

kingdom is the ages,

staunch and true as

the everlasting mountains,

and the never ending sky.

Each season pays

its special homage,

they give it their all,

but it does not compare

to our ageless,

trusting oak.

It is God's peace

on earth for us to bear.

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  1. Very touching. I spent the whole week older relatives and enjoyed memories and appreciate this. Thanks.

  2. How appropriate that this poem was posted on my birthday. Reminding us that there is permanence even in the passing of time.

  3. Very nice. Such a gift you have. I know, "Roses Are Red" and that's about it for me.