Aug 20, 2010

A Summer Dream

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This is a lovely Summer day,

not marked in any special way,

with too much sun or rain.

On days such as this,

our dreams come true.

The sky a deeper,

richer blue,

than yesterday,

as the wind chased

the rain clouds away.

As i sit here and

day dream about you,

i know this is a day

i will never forget,

because you are away.

But, we are both alive

and that is good.

In our separate ways,

we smile at friends,

hoping we in our daily

lives are understood,

by all the ones we

love and cherish.

I fervently hope

our eyes can keep the

same warm friendly glow,

when at last we

are together again,

on such a grand,

and lovely day as today.

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  1. So So Beautiful! Thank you for sharing it with me Dave :)
    I might not comment here often...but i read everything you write..and you are just blessed.
    Much Love,

  2. Days like that are priceless. When the weather is calm and one is at peace with oneself.

  3. Very Cool

  4. Lovely. Brought in a nice and optimistic mood.