Nov 18, 2010

Rebel November

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November is like

a rebel spirit,

with no rhyme

nor reason in it.

She proudly wears

the mask of

any month,

deliberately toying

with the seasons.

She tosses Winter

around a bit,

as though

she really

meant to

get tough.

Suddenly the sun

bores through

the clouds,

daringly ready

to call her bluff.

November then

ushers in a day

of Summer,

warm winds

and hot sun,

it really is

a wonder.

All at once

the winds

come howling in,

bringing rain

and hail,

stripping leaves

from the trees,

showing her might

and strength.

She then settles

down a bit,

playing with

a beautiful

Autumn day.

But November,

being the

rebel spirit,

brings in

freezing weather,

showing us

her tantrums

are not

quite over,

showing us

Winter is

knocking on

our door.

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  1. Dave, that's exactly the November we've had so far. Three balmy springlike days just ended in a torrent of rain and 45 mile an hour winds. November is indeed a rebel and mercurial.

  2. Thank you for this wonderful November photo. I enjoyed as the picture as your thoughtful poetry below. We both sit back in an awe towards the same rainbow. Though we seem different, yet bear the same message. Art by Tomas bow to you.