Nov 10, 2010

Bless The Veterans

Another Veteran's Day

is upon us, so we

need to remember

the call to serve

is answered by

the courageous,

who sacrifice everything,

to go off and fight

in foreign lands.

Their lives are

changed suddenly,

from the fear and

horrors they face.

The physical

wounds they endure,

soon heal, but

their tortured souls

 forever endure

the memories

and sorrows of

their dreadful war.

Of course there

are differing opinions

as to why the

government leads

people into battle.

Regardless of

all that, our vets

deserve our undying

gratitude and support,

for all they have

been put through.

So many veterans

return home with

emotional wounds

so deep, they

have difficulty

dealing with their

"normal lives back

in the world."

So a lot of

them wander the

lonely streets,

confused, broken

and shattered,

mourning the

ones who died,

and wondering

why they didn't.

Their wars back

home are usually

harder than the

wars they left behind,

due to lack of

  understanding from the

people around them.

Instead of turning

the other cheek,

embrace these

tortured vets,

showing compassion

and  gratitude

for their service.

They will carry the

scars of war deep

in their souls until

the day they die.

With a lot of help,

love and understanding,

it will show these vets,

their battles were not

fought for nothing.

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  1. Very well said. I think in America more respect is shown to vets than here in the UK and in general you are more behind your military personnel.

    I also wrote a post on my blog for Armistice Day here in the UK