May 10, 2009


Sleep the deep sleep, now at midnight,

drink the deepest drink.

Rest your brightly shining lights,

in night, the blackest ink.

Even as you drowse,

the glory of your white light,

echoes in the darkness,

awaiting your awakening,

to rekindle its joy.

Dream the kindest dream tonight,

of fairies in their circle,

weaving a dance of flowers,

twisting their magic about.

The tiniest of chimes,

twinkle at your whim,

and crystal prisms reflect,

your presence by your light.

respond with dancing rainbows,

treat yourself to dream castles,

high in cotton candy clouds,

full of maidens fair,

and nobles mighty,

a kingdom of kindness.

Sweet lute and lyric to lull

the dream to sleep,

on feather pillows.

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  1. A wonderful way with words, will enjoy seeing future post.