May 6, 2009


Dancing on the thin air of life,

running circles around myself.

Losing track of space and time,

because of sights, sounds, and smells.

Laughing in the face of fear.

Smiling in spite of it all.

Knowing that you're always here,

to catch me if i fall.

Enveloping myself in evening,

drinking in the cool of nite.

Living in a world of freedom,

so that i can sleep alright.

Getting by on the skin of my teeth,

but getting by all the same.

Life goes on until you die,

no matter how things change.

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  1. Nice color scheme my friend! I thought I would be your first commenter.

  2. This is a really nice change! Great work, Dave.

  3. life certainly does go on :) Nice work

  4. really enjoying this change of prose it really works for you!!!

  5. I like this a lot, Dave. Nice little comment on life. It can be good!

  6. An old post, but as fresh as when you wrote it. Don't have to try too hard; just get by.