May 11, 2010

Nature's Secrets

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It must be just a state of mind,

but to think it is to do it.

The urge to get away and find,

an out of the way secret pond,

is an irresistible force,

for which there is but one answer.

Let your imagination be your guide,

let your child like urge get you there.

Throw off the winters discontent,

with the first breath of spring,

and find what incredible

pleasure it will bring.

The fruits of expectation

must be your own.

Seek out the secret

ponds in the mountains.

Do it quickly, very quickly,

those secret places are

born, grow, and die, in the

twinkle of an eye these days.

The fruits of natures labors

are sought, reaped, and

harvested by other eager men.

By the time i get there

i find the secret out of the way

ponds are gone, secrets no more.

I know before i begin the search,

the place is nestled deep

in a stand of yellow birch,

where two splits of ridge neck down

to a small chuckling, laughing brook.

The wild beaver have created

digs here, for their long

winter under the ice.

Continuously rebuilding the dam,

carving out their life from the forest,

but even the beaver change.

The little ponds don't last forever.

So, i love to get out to the

out of the way secret places

while i am able,

before i fade away and die,

like the little secrets of nature.

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  2. Dave, love your passion and intensity. To find that beautiful pond, one must follow that childlike urge. In fact, it's that urge that creates and makes it beautiful in the first place.

  3. "Mystical Poetry, Prose, And Political Viewpoints" has been included in this weeks Sites To See. I hope you like the image I featured, and I hope this helps to attract many new visitors here.