May 15, 2010

Walk And Talk With God

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When the glorious springtime sunshine

transcends upon the garden sod,

i feel like i'm in Heaven,

with a chance to walk with God.

When the gentle Summer breeze

softly caress the lovely flowers,

and their gorgeous

colored heads do nod,

i dream i am in Heaven,

with a chance to talk with God.

When the chilling frost

of Autumn comes,

and the beautiful

colored leaves are falling,

i am really longing

for a chance to walk with God.

When the snows of Winter are falling,

and the dark storm clouds

across the sky way plod,

i shall patiently wait beside

my window for a chance

to talk with God.

Each time while i am praying,

and i see the smiling

Angels to me nod,

then i will glory in their echoes,

because then i'll really know

my chance has finally come,

to walk and talk with God.

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  1. simply beautiful- nothing else can be said:)

  2. In every word you write, you show your love and appreciation of the wonders of this world.

  3. As Jo said, this is just beautiful and full of faith.