May 3, 2010

Ode To Mother

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Have you ever

stopped to think

or decide that

someone else

was really important

just because

of a smile.

Who gave out love

and praise instead

of grumbled

or derided.

There is always

something so warm,

so glad it was you

who just walked in,

about the way her

friendly face

lights up,

when she sees

you're home.

That the

whole day is really

something special,

just because

you are there.

It gives you

a very warm,

satisfying feeling,

just to be

alive again,

and near her.

Her smile gives you

a well balanced

i fit in peppy


She makes you feel

really glad

you are alive.

It couldn't possibly

be any other,

than your

ever loving,




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  1. Dave,
    This is a beautiful tribute to Mothers' special day.

  2. Hands down best Mothers' Day poem I've seen a blog. Very touching