May 22, 2010

Thoughts Of You

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When you awaken

in the dead of night,

and lie there and

listen and think,

does the loneliness

grasp your heart

with a longing

to have me near?

Or, when you

walk all alone

in the moonlight,

and listen to the

sounds of the night,

do you shed tears,

just thinking of me

as the dawn slowly

comes to light?

When you sit

all alone by the side

of your house,

and the heavens

bring the rain,

do you ever desire

to have me there

beside you again?

When the sun is slowly

sinking in the west

to the tune of

the winds lullaby,

do you ever dream

of me to the tender

refrain of your heart

aching for me?

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  1. I suppose we all must wonder at times if the ones we miss with an ache in our hearts, miss us too.

  2. Profound and poignant thoughts in a lovely poem.

  3. I loved the poem, it makes me think of God and His greatest masterpiece: us!