Jun 8, 2010

The Mountains, The Desert, And I

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No one will ever know

about the everlasting love

i hold in my heart for

the times i'm out

under the desert sky,

or camping within the trees

of the mountains sublime.

And the heaviness of my

aching heart when fate

decrees for awhile,

we must part.

When we get back

together again,

each silent night

alone with them

is Heaven supreme.

Under the stars

and candle light,

in my tent,

as i rest up and repent

of the life i have spent

in the city's tight,

noisy streets and

stifling air.

No noisy city

to betray or

spoil my rest.

Even when i receive

natures hint of a storm,

i merely fasten the

tent down and really

snore throughout

the night and

worry no more.

That's the kind

of life for me.

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This work by mysticdave is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.


  1. No deeper sleep than there is in the solitude of the wilderness... thanks Dave

  2. Great poem. I can identify. I love camping, but I'm not ready to give cities up forever; not just yet.

  3. Sad Oh so sad...but vivid and well expressed

  4. Yes, there is no sweeter companion than nature, no dearer friend than solitude.