Jun 3, 2010

The Real Joys Of Living

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The real joys of living today,

is not the getting,

but the giving that pays.

If everybody cared

no more for you

than they do for me,

what a hell of a place

this world would be.

To some, life is sweet,

just because of

friends we've made,

and the things with

others we share.

If we all stood alone

in the battle of life,

full of sorrow,

contempt and strife,

this old world would be

a dreary place indeed.

It's the giving and the

doing for somebody else,

that all life's splendor depends.

All the joys of this world,

what few there are,

are found in the

making of friends.

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  1. Great message, poignant and so true.

  2. Right on the button as usual.

    "Art's only excuse is that it makes friends for us."-Cocteau

  3. great poem - so very true. Home is where your friends are!