Jun 14, 2010

Why Go Fishing?

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To bathe in the glorious

sunny warm weather.

A truly beautiful stream,

long stretches of absolute solitude,

drenched in the sounds of nature.

There is just so much to see,

out there on those quiet, empty waters.

The shoreline, like fantastic dreams,

enclosed the lake which spread out

beyond in vibrant turquoise greens

and blues, until it met the blue of the sky.

Patterned here and there with

mounds of gentle clouds,

arranged as if purposely,

to enhance the ethereal beauty

and vastness of the place.

The quiet, the peace, the color,

the sun, the smell of clean air.

The endless variety of life in the lake,

the scene of a world still living

comfortably with itself.

Even if the fish are spooked,

the sporting qualities would still

make it an odds on favorite of man.

Any fishing trip, even a short one,

cements you together in a

bond of spirit and friendship.

Together you battle the bugs, the rocks,

the adverse forces of the stream,

and whatever elements nature exhibits.

Alone together in the wilderness,

you find undefinable independence

and strength, which cannot be gained

through books or politics.

Tensions fall away, life is greatly

simplified to bare essentials.

Nature as God intended it to be.

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  1. Thank God for natures abundance in peripherals, coming home empty handed (no fish) is easier to take that way.:)

  2. I can not go fishing anymore...since I have K and K. However, before them, I loved to fish. Some of my best thoughts and ideas came while at peace with nature. Loved the poem...brought back wonderful memories. You know that is the power of a great poet- the words escape the page and the reader can find their own memory in them. Wonderfully done:)

  3. Well reminded me of people who used to fish using small twines from the river in our village.It also reminded how some people found joy in fishing from sea standing on a sea bridge.Yeah the sunset,the calmness in air,the beauty of nature,perfect blend for anyone to go for.Nice poetry.

  4. Your response to nature's peace and beauty is inspiring and beautiful.

  5. Thank you for sharing such beauty. I have never fished, but you made me feel right there.I do love being in contact with nature and go whenever possible.
    Simply wonderful!